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KHAN8SJTNBFixes intermittent Domino crash when setting a quota override on a database.
KHAN8N7SEB Fixes intermittent issue whereby the transaction log extent path can end up malformed(it will contian two extent names).
FLII86B4L3This fix avoids a Domino Server crash in HTTP with OSBBlockAddr when doing UnlockCollection if DEBUG_VALID_NIFBLOCK=1 is set.
EDOE8GBN3FFixes BLK_NEW_NOTE memory leak in ServerGetNotes caused by closedoc error path.
SVEM8GH369Fixes intermittent Server crash when validating an UNK table.
TLIY8D8L9XFixes issues where the UNID table in a database can become damaged, causing documents to be duplicated in the database.
TSOE8PBM85Fixes Domino Server panic during user rename for unread lists on the server.
EDDN62VKRNFixes Domino Server issue where setting Edit_No_Soft_Locks=1 in notes.ini causes the error "Attempted a lock operation on a DB that doesn't support...
JPMS8LQM2SFixes Domino Server memory leak in BLK_NIF_POOL leak when building the xACL.
HSAO8U5MYP Fixes intermittent Domino Server crash on Initdbcontextext()
JFRA8NMFUYFixes Domino Server DAOS crash on Osfaultcleanup, Osntunhandledexceptionfilter, and Cstrncpy
YYLN7SUDXVFixes intermittent server crash in ThreadWrapper when trying to close a database.
ABUI6K3NCXFixed an issue where when a database link was pushed down via a Desktop Policy the database would not be added to the Replication Page of the Notes...
CBMO8S4U46Fixes addressed a crash in ODSMemory Allocation in BLK_SUPERBLOCK.
MKHS8V2S9AFixes issue where when attempting to archive mail databases via compact -a, the
Domino Server compactor task will occasionally hang while trying to...
KSIH7DHLUSFixes Domino Server is crash on updall and adminp on the function: NIFLockAtomTable.
MIAS8NNHVYFixes Domino Server panic with OSBBlockAddr: Bad BBlock handle (56E939F7)
PMAO83ZRE4Improved handling of missing entries during a DAOS resync. If the NLO is not found in the hint location, and there isn't any useful location in the...
SGOI8N9LT8Fixes problems receiving new mail and calendar events from server when names have extended ASCII characters.
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